I have had regular Ortho-Bionomy treatments for a variety of issues over a couple of years when I discovered I developed a condition that needed an urgent hysterectomy to remove a benign growth in my uterus. After the operation I had extreme back pain that the surgeon said was "referred" from my abdomen.
Because Ortho-Bionomy had been so helpful in the past I contacted Karen to see if there was anything she could do to ease the pain. I was only 7 days post surgery and I was unable to drive, so Karen visited me at home.
She worked really gently, seemed like she was just placing her hands gently on various places on my lower body. Within hours of the gentle treatment my pain and muscle control improved significantly. A few days later I was able to get to her clinic and I progressed quickly to a speedy recovery. I will definitely continue to use Ortho-Bionomy as my main form of pain relief. I feel Ortho-Bionomy provides relief, healing and energy to the body.
I recommend it to everyone.
Prue C

I had struggled since childhood with bad health from spine pain to digestion issues, broken sleep, poor concentration, and general exhaustion.
In the past I had tried Physiotherapy, chiropractic, applied kinesiology, and massage before I heard about Ortho-Bionomy. After a year of regular treatments I feel I am a new person. Positive, happy, content, and energetic. My pain is greatly reduced. I am even gradually increasing the number of different foods I can eat without issues. I would very much recommend Ortho-Bionomy! I can't recall another treatment that could achieve what Ortho-Bionomy has for me.
Anneleise S

I visited Karen with a rye neck and very sore, tight right shoulder. I had tried massage, physio and chiropractic in the past. Karen used very gentle movements and it took me a little time to get use to how gentle the treatment was. But the results were great! I gained a lot more movement and the pain resolved over a couple of treatments. Subsequently I have had issues in the lower back and gained improvement after treatment. Most recently I had a wrist injury and this has improved as well. I am very happy with my treatments and would most definitely recommend Ortho-Bionomy to others.
Lorrin V

"Huge thank you to Karen for her wonderful care and treatment of my injuries over the years. Other methods I have tried only increased my symptoms where Ortho-Bionomy has greatly improved things and I manage to have relief for up to 3 weeks. I highly recommend Ortho-Bionomy, I feel human again and am living relatively pain free!"
Toni W

"Hi all. I would like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to Karen and Ortho-Bionomy and to share my experience. I have lived with very significant pain and structural problems since the age of 15, so half of my life. I have had x-rays, MRI's, seen sports therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and the list goes on.
My MRI's indicated that I have no fluid in one of my discs, bone spurs off my spine and degeneration of the spine. This results in my pelvis rotating, leg length difference, severe back pain, stiffness etc. So basically on my bad days I feel like a Marionette Puppet put together all wrong! So 4 years ago when I moved back to Hervey Bay my back was at it's worst.......my body was a twisted Panadeine forte doped up mess! I had no idea who had a good reputation in town I just needed an appointment, and I needed it now. As fate would have it a lady named Karen managed to squeeze me in.
I walked out of there an hour later and was truly amazed at what Karen acheived in that short time. Having never met her before and not knowing my body, it was unbeleivable. Karen has a genuine respect for you and your body.
People don't really have an understanding of Ortho-Bionomy. They think that unless you are being cracked or getting a deep tissue massage then "it won't do anything." However this is not the case at al, far from it!
If you are in pain then please, please, please go and see Karen, you honestly won't regret it. My life is much better and richer for it."
Rachael G

"I was experiencing pain and discomfort due to diagnosed tendonitis, bursitis and osteoarthritis. I had limited movement in my limbs and suffered with vertigo. Other treatments helped relieve discomfort temporarily and medication gave short term relief.
I attend gym every day and that was putting pressure on my joints. It was amazing how quickly Ortho-Bionomy worked for me. After 2 - 3 treatments I noticed more flexibility and my range of movement has increased comfortably. My vertigo is dramatically reduced.
I would highly recommend Ortho-Bionomy as a means of managing stress on joints and other conditions. I now look forward my 6-weekly treatments. I have been having regular treatment for 8 years now."
Sue D

"I was experiencing leg and hip pain, and shooting pain in my right knee and ankle over several weeks. In the past I had tried massage and chiropractic, stretching, ice, and anti-inflammatory tablets.
The day after my first treatment the ankle and knee pain were gone, and my general stiffness improved over a series of visits. I would definitely recommend Ortho-Bionomy."
Narelle B

"Slowing down enough to commit to an appointment in itself is an acheivemnt for me. I had a nggling cough and congested head for weeks. Not enough to stop me in my tracks but just keeping me doing things at 80 %.
Having a week between making the appointment and arriving gave me lots of time to think about the things that weren't quite right, that I put up with, hope will get better or just manage to a tolerable point, and there were quite a fw of them.
The treatment was so gentle and calming I was left pondering the strange experience of body correcting without a painful experience. Like most I have convinced myself that it has to get worse before it gets better. But you really reminded me suffering is not necessaary. After the treatment I felt calm, totally pain free in my right shoulder and my cough is gone. Much gratitude."
Holly F

"A very big thank you from one of your smallest clients(and her grateful parents) for helping to restore some much needed rest into our lives and overcome Ruby's night wakings. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ortho-Bionomy to anyone, especially a parent who has looked into other options as to why their child isn't sleeping well and exhausted other avenues( and themselves) looking for answers.
I was particularly impressed with your very calm, non-invasive way of working with Ruby and respecting her as the little person she is. I was also impressed how quickly and easily she responded to the treatment! We are thankful to have met and worked with you."
Amanda C

"I have been having Ortho-Bionomy sessions over the last few years to assist postural balance issues related to my work. Recently I have had severe pain in my arms, elbows and wrists from complications of blood clots and bursitis. I was also struggling emotionally due to the pain. I had tried chiropractic, physiotherapy and accupuncture and was using pain relieving medication, all with little effect. I found that the Ortho-Bionomy sessions reduced my pain and, more importantly, assisted me to relax and feel calmer. The treatments have improved my emotional and physical well-being during this time.
Without a doubt, I would recommend Ortho-Bionomy to other people."
Elizabeth R

"This is what has kept me functioning and now panadol free....since 2005!"
Mary M

"I had no idea what this was when I first started going to Karen about 11 years ago. My body now works more efficiently and best of all my knees work. Thank you Karen"
Julie B

After an ultrasound I had a medically diagnosed tear of the meniscus of my left knee. I was wearing a knee brace. I also was experiencing chronic neck pain.
After the first visit I had complete relief from pain and good knee stability. My neck pain also resolved.
I would recommend Ortho-Bionomy as a painless way for resolving pain and discomfort. Karen is a caring and highly competent practitioner who is interested in the person, as well as the condition."
Lis B

"My main problem was extreme restriction and pain in my neck, due to several accidents over my life.
I had been having osteopathic work done for many years to assist movement and pain control. It would work for a period of time and then I would need further treatments.
To say that my body is freer after Ortho-Bionomy treatment is an understatement. The sessions I have had have been beyond extraordinary.
Karen opens up a space for my whole body to come into, and do its own healing work, on all levels things change. I can feel the energy moving in my body where it has been restricted. I have had the opportunity on her table to resolve issues that were held in my system and move them out of my body, as they are resolved.
It has been life changing for me, and as I need to go deeper into the issues that are still held in my body, I return for more sessions. Each time another layer is removed and the freedom I feel is very expansive.
Karen’s integrity with the energy is what allows me to release what I need to. The space she holds is very pure and safe.
I certainly would, and most certainly do, recommend Ortho-Bionomy to other people."
Annie K